Strengthen anti-corruption agencies - NIA


Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of National Integrity Action, is calling for the strengthening of the independence of Jamaica's investigative agencies to combat corruption.

Professor Munroe is highlighting this need even as he lauds investigative agencies such as the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), for securing five convictions last week in the Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud case.

He said legislators must speedily pass other regulations to strengthen MOCA to improve the capacity of  the anti-corruption agency.

Meanwhile, NIA says the Director of Corruption Prosecution and the Integrity Commission need to act now regarding the Petrojam report.

The 2018 audit of Petrojam revealed a free-for-all in financial practices at the oil refinery, with  huge sums of money paid for contracts that were awarded in breach of  procurement rules and the company's internal policies.

Professor Munroe is also urging the Integrity Commission to act on the Petrojam report.


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