Tesha Miller murder trial: Key prosecution witness remorseful for his murderous past

The key prosecution witness in the murder trial of accused gang leader Tesha Miller, on Thursday expressed remorse for the murders he carried out while being a member of the criminal network.
During the final stage of his testimony, the witness, who told the jury that he was a former area leader in the Clansman Gang, initially testified that he was not embarrassed about killing people.
But under re-examination by prosecutors the witness said he now feels sorry for what he did.
The witness said he wants other young men involved in crime to come forward to "serve" and tell the police what they know.
He encouraged them to find a police officer they trust to give the information.
The witness, who is now serving time after pleading guilty to murder and arson in April last year, insisted that Tesha Miller was the head of the Clansman gang.
He told the court that he pleaded guilty because he was fed up with the life of crime.
During his testimony on Thursday, the witness explained the discrepancies in his first statement to the police.
He said he has lost 13 members of his family to violence and therefore misled the cops because he wanted to protect his other family members.
He told the court he began giving a statement against Tesha Miller in 2017, but had to go into hiding after he was attacked and shot by his own brother.
According to the witness, members of the Clansman gang who provide information on the leader face the possibility of being killed.
Miller is on trial in connection with the 2008 murder of former Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) boss, Douglas Chambers.
Mr. Chambers was fatally shot at the entrance to the JUTC depot in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.
Prosecutors say Miller ordered the killing.

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