Francis coy on future of Thompson-Herah at MVP Track Club

Stephen Francis
By Kayon Raynor & Andre Lowe
Veteran coach of the MVP Track Club Stephen Francis is remaining coy about the future of triple Olympic champion and the fastest woman alive over the 100m and 200 metres, Elaine Thompson-Herah, with the club.
Contacted by the RJRGLEANER Group on Thursday morning at his University of Technology training base about a letter sent by Thompson-Herah in the last 48 hours signalling her intention to leave the club, Francis was evasive.
"What I can tell you is that I am not in the habit of revealing communication which occur between me and my athletes, so I can’t comment on that,” Francis said. 
“But I would suggest to you that if you have heard that and you believe it and you want to find out then the best person is her, because from my perspective, we start back practice sometime in October, just after Heroes weekend and my philosophy is usually to see who turns up,” the veteran coach explained.
Sources say Thompson-Herah looks set to be coached by her husband, Derron Herah, after she presented the letter on Tuesday indicating her intention to leave the MVP Track Club.
However, neither the athlete nor her husband could be reached for comment up to the time of publishing. 
News of Thompson-Herah's planned move comes after her most successful season, where she defended the 100m and 200m titles in Olympic records on 10.61 seconds and 21.54 seconds and shared in the sprint relay gold. 
Quizzed as to whether he was confident she will be back at the club in mid-October, the usually straight talking Francis gave the clearest indication that the sprinter may not return to the club where she started out since 2014.
“I am never confident about that because what my experience tells me is that athletes in general, especially those that come from low expectancy level, in other words, not much was expected of them, they are usually unable to separate themselves from the people who hop onto their various bandwagons,” Francis added.

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