2019 road fatalities end above 26 year high

Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council
The number of people who died on the nation's roads in 2019, surpassed the second highest fatality rate reached 26 years ago.
There were 435 fatalities last year, one more than in 1993, which gave rise to birth of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC).
Over the last few weeks, Vice Chairman of the NRSC Dr. Lucien Jones has been expressing concern about the number of deaths and appealing for more care on the roads.
For Dr. Jones, fixing the ticketing system should be the number one priority for the government at this time.
Work is ongoing on the Traffic Ticket Management System to create an interconnected system with the Police, Tax Administration Jamaica and Court Management Services.
Speaking with RJR News Friday morning, Dr. Jones said, while regulations for the new Road Traffic Act are close to being completed, another obstacle before they can be implemented is the delay of the Transport Authority Act. 
The Transport Authority Act is a companion bill to the new Road Traffic Act and must be passed and enforced at the same time.
Dr. Jones said he is expecting to be updated on the efforts to stem the fatalities at a meeting set for next week Thursday at Jamaica House. 

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