Billionaire couple killed in plane crash off Jamaica's coast

Larry Glazer and his wife, Jane, both died in a plane crash off the coast of Jamaica, according to several news reports.

The couple, both 68, left Rochester in New York this morning for Naples, Florida. But Glazer became unresponsive and NORAD scrambled two fighter jets to escort the plane on its aimless flight. It crashed off the North East coast of Jamaica at 1:15 p.m., after running out of fuel.

Scott Fybush, the family spokesman and also the Glazers' nephew, said he believed that the couple were the only people on board the plane and that Larry Glazer was flying as the couple headed to their vacation home in Florida.   

The Glazer family released this statement today;

 "We are devastated by the tragic and sudden loss of our parents, Jane and Larry Glazer. They loved and appreciated the opportunity to help build the community of Rochester, and we thank everyone in the community for their expressions of support. We understand that there are many questions yet to be answered about today's events, and we too are awaiting answers. At this time, we would appreciate the ability to mourn privately".

Mr. Glazer was a well-known real estate developer in Jamaica.  His company, Buckingham Properties, while Jane Glazer had her own business, QCI Direct, a catalog company. Both businesses closed early Friday afternoon, according to news reports.

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