BOJ confident new banknotes durable despite negative claims

The Bank of Jamaica has restated its confidence in the durability of the new series of polymer banknotes amid claims that at least one bank note has seen its security feature becoming compromised.
The Central Bank says the substrate and enhanced security features of the new notes have been subject to rigorous testing of the highest global standards.
The Central Bank has committed to undertake a thorough investigation into a video on social media purporting to show a damaged polymer banknote.  
The BOJ says it has initiated contact with the user from whose social media platform the video was circulated. But efforts to retrieve the banknote in question have so far been unsuccessful.  
The Central Bank adds that it remains committed to investigating any genuine concerns or issues surrounding the notes and advises members of the public who may have questions or concerns to contact its customer service unit at 876-922-0750.
BOJ says it is also aware of the circulation of another video depicting liquid being poured on two banknotes. The Bank says it understands the curiosity and interest surrounding the new notes, and while the notes withstood the liquid test, the Bank urges members of the public to desist from intentionally subjecting them to unnecessary tests.
BOJ also urges the public to be responsible in consuming and sharing content as social media platforms are susceptible to the spread of misleading, inaccurate or unverified information.
Once a genuine note is damaged or otherwise compromised, it can only be exchanged at the Bank of Jamaica.

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