Bunting concerned about infrastructural woes in South Manchester

Peter Bunting, PNP caretaker for South Manchester
By Kimone Witter 
People's National Party caretaker for South Manchester, Senator Peter Bunting, has raised concerns about infrastructural issues in the constituency, including the condition of Pratville Primary School.
Mr. Bunting said little attention has been paid to the infrastructure at the institution.
He warned that children are in danger of electric shock when it rains due to a leaking roof. 
"On Labour Day when we visited Pratville Primary, I tell you, I shame.... All around the school, billions of bauxite have been mined out from that area. And when you look at the condition of the school today, 2024, when it rain, water pouring on children in Grade 6. Children's lives are at risk because it pouring into the electrical conduits, into the circuits," he lamented.  
Mr. Bunting said other infrastructure needs have been neglected in South Manchester, including the police stations not having reliable motor vehicles, while poor road conditions make it challenging for farmers to get their produce out of their communities.
He was addressing the Alligator Pond division's annual conference on Sunday.

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