Contractor General questions effectiveness of Whistle blowing legislation

Dirk Harris, Contractor General, is questioning the effectiveness of the whistle blowing legislation passed in 2010.

The law, known as the Protected Disclosure Act 2010, is meant to protect people who report corruption - not just in government, but even in private companies.

However, Harrison says, despite the law being in place, he is not seeing an increase in reports.

“Since the passing of the legislation it is instructive to question what exactly has the act has achieved, how has it been incorporated into the public and private sectors…... Are persons being encouraged to blow the whistle and to what extent is the Act fulfilling its purpose,” Harrison said.

He thinks a big part of  the problem is the reference often made to informers in the Jamaican culture. and given that barrier, public education is key for people to understand that exposing corruption is for the public good.

The Corruption Prevention Commission which has oversight responsibility for the Whistle Blower Act revealed earlier this month, that it's request for budgetary support to deal with operational aspects of  the  legislation was not approved.

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