Golding sends warning to those who 'disrespect' him and his wife

PNP President Mark Golding
By Kimone Witter    
People's National Party President Mark Golding has declared that he will defend himself and his wife, Sandra, against attacks following potentially defamatory statements allegedly made by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Heroy Clarke has been given until 4 o'clock Monday afternoon to, among other things, issue a written apology for alleged statements he made about Mr. Golding's relationship with his wife, in a WhatsApp group.
Lawyers for Mr. Golding wrote to Mr. Clarke on Friday.
Speaking at the Alligator Pond division's annual conference in Manchester on Sunday, Mr. Golding touched on the matter briefly, arguing that the Jamaica Labour Party is using anything it can to try and distract the people of Jamaica.
"Dem come wid all kind a foolishness. But we are not focusing on dat. If dem seh certain things and disrespect me and my wife, my empress Sandra, you know seh it nah guh suh enuh. It nah guh suh!" he warned.

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