Jamaica Council of Churches concerned about recent proceedings in Parliament

By Prince Moore    
The Jamaica Council of Churches has expressed concern about how recent proceedings of Parliament have transpired and how matters of a delicate nature have been handled.
This expression of concern has arisen from issues relating to the tabling of Auditor General's reports.
In a release Thursday, the JCC said the nation is awaiting the willingness of House Speaker Juliet Holness to share the legal opinion of the Attorney General in relation to the tabling of reports.
The JCC said it looks forward to outcomes in the near future that will stem the tide of mistrust of the government.
The Council warned that the high level of mistrust that exists could lead to more deviance, disorder and non-compliance in the country.
The JCC has urged parliamentarians to engender a strong appetite for dialogue and consultation even as the constitutional power of discretion is exercised.
Parliamentarians are also being encouraged to practice a model of leadership that prioritises national and public interests.

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