JCF achieves full complement of 14,000 officers to fight crime

Dr. Horace Chang
By Halshane Burke    
National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang says the Jamaica Constabulary Force has achieved its full complement of police personnel.
Dr. Chang says this is the first time in the history of the force that the 14,000 establishment has been met.
He says the focus will now turn to consolidating the various roles and responsibilities to ensure optimal performance. 
"The police officer is a professional in every aspect of his life. He operates all times as a police officer. He'll tell you when off duty, he's still a policeman. And the society depends on him at all times. And we took the required step and process to ensure we could expand the police force, at least to establishment level. 
"We'll take a look at another stage if we need to go beyond that, but at this stage we'll be looking to consolidate our force to ensure we have enough sub-officers and officers throughout the force to provide quality supervision and ensure the professional quality of the force remains on track," Dr. Chang announced during his contribution to the Sectoral Debate in Parliament on Tuesday afternoon.
The government has been ramping up its recruit drive in the force, to fill vacancies created with the mass exodus of hundreds of members of the JCF over the last several years. 
During his presentation Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Chang also outlined the government's plans to professionalise the police force and to implement measures to improve public safety following a spike in murders and shootings.
He said the Police High Command is making progress in its targeting of criminal gangs and individuals involved in the international drug trafficking networks operating on the island.
Dr. Chang added that Jamaica has been working closely with law enforcement agencies in the US, Canada and Britain as well as regionally, to tackle the growing threat of transnational criminal activities, such as drug transshipment and advance fee fraud. 

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