More special security operations likely in Manchester

Superintendent Shane McCalla
By Courtney Morgan
The Manchester Police has not ruled out the likelihood of additional operations similar to the recent curfew in some areas being used as efforts continue to quell violence in the parish.
Over the weekend, the communities of Land Settlement, Comfort and Broadleaf in Central Manchester were placed under a curfew due to recent murders and concerns of possible reprisals.
Superintendent Shane McCalla, commanding officer for the Manchester Police, told Radio Jamaica News that other security reinforcements have already started work in the parish.
Superintendent McCalla also addressed some of the concerns raised by business operators in the named communities.
The business operators say while they understand the need for the curfew to be imposed, they would prefer to be notified earlier, in order to properly prepare for the change.
Superintendent McCalla, speaking after a walk through of the communities on Tuesday, asserted that "the necessary notification" was given via traditional media and social media and also by use of a town cryer on Saturday morning.
He stressed however that "with the nature of these things, you have to understand that we have to be very careful in howe we conduct these types of operations."

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