Mother of Jamaican woman killed in Bahamas believes death linked to gang feud

Natanya Greene, mother of Jamaican Tadasha Morgan Sears who was shot dead in Nassau last week, speaking with TVJ's Kirk Wright
Relatives of a a 22-year-old Jamaican woman who was fatally shot in Nassau, Bahamas last Friday believe her death is linked to a gang feud.
The victim - 22 year-old Tadasha  Morgan Sears - died after being shot at her home in Red Land Acres in Nassau. 
Her mother, Natanya Greene, was at home when the shooting occurred.
Ms Greene noted that  her daughter was the latest casualty of a gang feud involving men from a nearby community. 
She was speaking in a telephone interview today with TVJ's Kirk Wright "It's a gang related incident...she was just innocently sitting on her mother's couch on her tablet, she wasn't no part of no gang".
Ms. Greene says the Bahamas Police have been offering much needed support "They've been very very supportive..they've been here and they are aggresively honest to bring who's responsible [to justice]".

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