NCDA continues push to discourage children from using illicit substances

Janet Roberts-Bowen, Regional Manager of the National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA)
By Nakinskie Robinson    
The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) says it remains on the look-out for new and emerging substances which may put students at risk, given the high usage of illicit substances such as edibles, ganja and alcohol, by primary and secondary students.
The NCDA says, through its recently launched early warning system, it has been actively working to discourage students from using illicit and harmful drugs.
Regional Manager Janet Roberts-Bowen notes that there is no specific cohort using these substances, as it is observed among a mix of persons, including adults.
"We have children from primary school who are using. We have children in secondary school and adults. So it's a wide range. Only the surveys would now be able to identify percentage from the different cohorts, but we are seeing a mix of persons who are actively using, indicating to us that the message is not impacting as much," she lamented. 
She said the NCDA's Operation Lighthouse Programme seeks to address these issues by building life skills among families. 
Mrs. Roberts-Bowen was speaking at the launch of a mentorship programme at the Chantilly Primary and Infant School in Manchester on Monday.
The NCDA has been engaging several agencies to help detect and test new substances in an effort to alert schools and parents about drug use among children.
It has also been working to avoid and reduce the risk of drug use and potential abuse to children and adults.

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