PM Holness says he no longer has account at SSL

By Lorraine Mendez 
Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he does not have an account at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) and has not done business with the investment firm since 2021.
The Prime Minister also outlined that neither he nor any member of his family has ever borrowed or received any form of credit facility from the troubled company.
He disclosed that he first opened an account with SSL in 2008, but that account was liquidated in September 2021 and he gave instructions for it to be closed.
Mr. Holness said he has asked all ministers to check and disclose the status of any accounts or investment relationships their ministries or agencies may have with SSL.
The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has also denied that it has ever held an account at Stocks and Securities Limited.
JLP General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang said the party is confident in the abilities of the Minister of Finance and all agencies involved in the fraud investigation at SSL.

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