Political parties awaiting final count of ballots from local gov't election

Director of Elections Glasspole Brown
By Clinton McGregor    
The leadership of Jamaica's two main political parties are awaiting the final count of ballots from Monday's local government election.
The exercise started Tuesday morning at designated centres across the island's 63 constituencies.
Members of the political directorate including candidates are allowed to be present for the official count along with returning officers and their assistants.
Director of Elections Glasspole Brown says the country will know the final results in the next two days.
"We expect the process to be completed by hopefully tomorrow, but worst case sometime Thursday. At that point, we would have completed all the counts and then the country would know the final result in all the different divisions," he told Radio Jamaica News.   
Mr. Brown declined to comment on reports that the Jamaica Labour party has retained the Clarendon Municipal Corporation and that the People's National party has won the St. Mary Municipal Corporation.
"I don't want to comment on that yet.... They are counting and we expect a report at a different time."
Meanwhile, the Director of Elections said there is no controversy surrounding the decision to transfer the final counting of ballots in the divisions in East Rural St. Andrew to the offices of the EOJ.
"We took a decision given the closeness of some of those constituencies, and we took the decision to bring it down to Duke Street to do the count, which is allowed under the ROPA (Representation of the People Act), section 45," he explained. 
The final count will begin at Duke Street on Wednesday.

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