Qahal Yahweh leader says group being victimised by authorities

Javaughn Thompson, leader of the Qahal Yahweh religious group
By Warren Bertram   
The leader of the Qahal Yahweh religious group in St. James, Javaughn Thompson, has broken his silence on the raid of his compound, claiming that he and his family are being victimised by the authorities.
His comments followed a police operation at the facility on Wednesday during which 23 children and 15 adults were removed from the compound in Paradise district amid allegations of child abuse.
In a post to social media site, TikTok, the leader claimed that for three and a half years he and members of his group have been terrorised by the security forces.
He alleged that on numerous occasions, the security forces have searched the premises, without success, for illegal guns and other contraband.
He said the group is being treated as if they have no rights. 
"You have broken into my home instead of asking to enter, time and time again. My children have been traumatised by you. Yet, you say you are here to help," he declared. 
He insisted that the government is unable to provide the required help needed by the children in his group.
The group leader further reasoned that the education of the children at the religious compound is not in jeopardy and dismissed claims that the school is not recognised. 
"You said you don't know our school. So how then could we receive correspondence from the ministry acknowledging us as a school? How is it that we have proof of GSAT passes recorded in your system?" he questioned.  
The police say charges will be laid in the case.

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