Six arrested in St. Elizabeth police operation

Acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto, head of the St. Elizabeth Police
By Clinton McGregor 
Six persons suspected to be involved in criminal activities were arrested during a major police operation in St. Elizabeth on Wednesday.
An illegal gun and more than 40 rounds of ammunition were seized during the operation conducted along the Holland Bamboo main road. 
Acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto, head of the St. Elizabeth Police, told Radio Jamaica News that a police team found the illegal items after it stopped a Toyota Axio motorcar and searched the occupants and vehicle. 
"At the end of the search, a Glock pistol, two magazines, 42 rounds of live ammunition were recovered during the operation," he said. 
Two occupants of that vehicle were taken into custody. Acting Superintendent Minto said the occupants of another vehicle travelling in the convoy "are also being processed at this time". 
He added that the St. Elizabeth police are now on high alert for criminals invading the division after fleeing the state of emergency in St. James.
"The state of emergency carries with it operational activities at an increased level, and during those times we'll always find persons moving across borders into what I consider the safer parishes. St. Elizabeth is not the parish. We have increased our border patrols, we have joint operations between our neighbouring divisions Westmoreland and Manchester to ensure that we are holding our borders to prevent any kind of activities for persons that will want to escape the state of emergency to come through the parish of St. Elizabeth," he warned. 

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