Spanish Town mayor rejects claims he neglected water system

Mayor Norman Scott
By Nakinskie Robinson 
Chairman of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Spanish Town Norman Scott has rebuffed claims of neglect and poor oversight for the Watermount Water Supply system, levelled against him by West Central St. Catherine Member of Parliament Dr. Christopher Tufton.
Dr. Tufton, during a recent town hall at the Watermount Primary School, said Mayor Scott had failed to install the necessary pipeline connections from the main road to the homes of residents.
But Mayor Scott has said there was a lack of resources to set up adequate water distribution.
"When the commission of the new system or the upgraded system was done, it was recognised that there are some lanes of the main road that did not have any distributing lines in these lanes. And so we made an estimate of what it will cost to put in these distributing lines, additional distributing lines. The MP was not aware of anything, but we did our due diligence and so it took us some time for us to, one, get the estimates done and to seek the funding, both own source and from Rural Water," he explained.  
He argued that, had Dr. Tufton paid attention to the needs of constituents he would have been aware of the shortcomings. He further accused the MP of trying to "play cheap political games". 
Mayor Scott also blasted Dr. Tufton for what he said was the use of incorrect data and an attempt to politicise water distribution in the area. 
"I am the person who [has] reconnected all the broken mains within that entire area. And as a matter of fact, the minister or the MP is saying
the system is built to take care of 7,000 residents. From our information, it is built to accommodate 2,900 residents. That's the source. I don't know where the [MP] gets his numbers from," he asserted.
The $220 million Watermount Water Supply system was commissioned March last year and is one of the largest rural water schemes.

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