British Government still hostile towards Reparations


Dr Michael Siva, Jamaican historian currently based in England, is maintaining a dim view of the prospects for reparations for the evils of slavery coming from the United Kingdom Government in the near future, noting that the political establishment in both the governing Conservative Party and the main opposition Labour Party remains hostile to the idea.

Advocates for Reparations have recently been encouraged by a few instances of family and institutional acknowledgment of historical involvement and benefits from the Trans-Atlantic rade in humans and the exploitation of their labour on plantations in the West Indies and parts of the American South up to the mid-19th century. 

But Dr Siva, speaking on last Sunday's edition of Radio Jamaica's That's a Rap, told host Earl Moxam that this did not signal an imminent change of posture in the official UK Government position on Reparations.

Please click on the audio icon above to access the interview.


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