Haiti: New ministers announced

Haiti's Transitional Council has announced the formation of a new government, replacing all the members of former prime minister Dr. Ariel Henry's cabinet.
The announcement on Tuesday came as the country moves ahead with plans to restore peace and security amid rampant gang violence.
The decree appointing members of the new cabinet was published in Haiti's official gazette, two weeks after 58 year-old Garry Conille was named  interim prime minister. 
Mr Conille will also be the Interior Minister.
Several ministers in the new cabinet are from outside the country's political class, with Dominique Dupuy, Haiti's representative at UNESCO, serving as the new foreign minister.
Haiti has not held an election since 2016 with the country's last elected head of state, Jovenel Moise, assassinated at his private residence overlooking the capital, Port au Prince, in July 2021.

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