St Vincent teachers win case against the govt over vaccine mandate

Teachers who were sacked as a result of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government's 2021 vaccination mandate won their case against the government today.

High Court Justice Esco Henry determined that the St. Vincent government's COVID-19 vaccine obligation, as well as the subsequent terminations, were illegal and violated the constitution.

Justice Henry ruled against the Dr. Ralph Gonsalves government on all but one of the major points of the lawsuit brought by the public sector unions over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate under which hundreds of public sector workers were deemed to have abandoned or resigned their jobs in December 2021, for failing to take the jab.

The workers had maintained that they did not abandon or resign their jobs, but were dismissed.

In her ruling, Justice Henry said the special measures rules made under the vaccine mandate law are unlawful, unconstitutional and void.

Attorney Cerepha Harper-Joseph, who represented the government at the trial, has already indicated that an appeal will be filed and that she would apply for a stay of the execution of the judgment.

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