UN alarmed at DR's decision to close borders with Haiti

The United Nations expert on human rights in Haiti, William O'Neill, has expressed alarm at the decision of the Dominican Republic to completely close the land, air and sea borders with Haiti as the two countries remain at odds over the construction of an irrigation canal in Haiti.
Mr O'Neill urged the Government of the Dominican Republic to reconsider its decision which will have serious effects on people on both sides of the border.
He is calling for both governments to return to the negotiating table and follow the process outlined by the Joint Declaration of May 27, 2021 to reach a peaceful resolution of this dispute.
He said the impact will be even more dire on the Haitian side.
Mr O'Neill said, due to the insecurity and gang violence in Haiti, many essential products like food, medical equipment and medicines are imported from the Dominican Republic.
But the Dominica Republic's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected Mr O'Neill's statement which it says is biased and unfortunate.

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