R.Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison

A report from NBC


Disgraced US singer R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for sex charges.

The 55-year-old R&B singer was convicted by a New York jury in September of racketeering and sex trafficking crimes committed over three decades.

The Chicago native, born Robert Sylvester Kelly, was also fined US$100,000.

He currently faces separate criminal charges in three other cases.

Widespread outrage over Kelly's sexual misconduct did not come until after the #MeToo movement, reaching fever pitch after the release of the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly.

Kelly's lawyers had argued he should get no more than 10 years in prison because he had a traumatic childhood "involving severe, prolonged childhood sexual abuse, poverty, and violence."

However, the judge said those were explanations but not excuses for his behaviour, which she described as violent, cruel, controlling, calculating and carefully planned over a period of 25 years.  

Kelly's lawyers say he will appeal.  

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