Red Stripe spends $2.2b to expand beer production facility

Red Stripe has spent $2.2 billion to expand its cellar facility for beer production.
Speaking at the official opening of the upgraded plant, Red Stripe's Managing Director Luis Prata said the new tanks and upgrades to the facility have helped the company increase production and ensure that its operations have "little to no negative impact on the environment".
"Our new fermenting and processing tanks have delivered a 34 per cent increase in production volumes to fulfill our growth ambitions in the domestic and export markets," he noted.
The six tanks, commissioned in November last year, can each hold up to 1.5 million bottles of beer.
This will allow Red Stripe to boost output to meet the market for its products.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who was speaking at the opening of the upgraded plant, said Red Stripe's investment is a signal of confidence in the local economy.
He said while many Jamaicans are feeling the effects of inflation and other economic concerns, things are improving. 
"Great things are happening in the country. There is a lag effect. Companies will probably feel it before consumers but the benefit will not just trickle down, the benefit will flow through the economy so that everyone can genuinely and truly feel the effect of good economic management and good governance of the country," he said.

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