Bunting urges police to focus on crime fighting, not 'trivial' matters

Peter Bunting
Opposition Spokesman on National Security Peter Bunting has cautioned the police to focus on fighting crime and not to waste resources on matters that can be described as trivial.
Mr. Bunting's comments are in relation to the arrest and subsequent release of a man by the St. Ann Police.
The man was seen in a viral video hurling insults at Prime Minister Andrew Holness over tightened COVID-19 measures.
The police have said the man was arrested because he was a person of interest in a case of larceny.
However, the Police High Command has accepted that it was wrong to force the man to apologise for his rant and post the video on social media.
Speaking at a divisional conference in Myersville, St. Elizabeth on Thursday night, Mr. Bunting condemned the foul mouthed tirade but said the actions of  the cops were indicative of a police state.
"I am not advocating anybody to disrespect anybody, much less the Prime Minister but not everything that is offensive is criminal," he argued. "We may not agree with it, but that is not necessarily something to go send police...carry down a station and at gun point you a dictate confession to them? No man, that is a police state!"
Mr. Bunting lamented the more than 800 murders which have been committed since January and criticised the JCF's ability to make arrests. 
"When you look at the clear up rate, two out of three of these murders are not cleared up...but make them cuss Andrew...all resources must be placed at finding this person who disrespect the Prime Minister," he suggested.  
Mr. Bunting also chided the Government's use of the Disaster Risk Management Act to control the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing that "the constitution provides the proper approach."
"They're using this because they don't need any Parliamentary approval. The Prime Minister can act like a dictator and just unilaterally declare what sanctions and prohibitions and restrictions are on the people of Jamaica," he said, noting that this approach continuously was not ideal for a free and democratic society.   

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