Government ministers rack up huge mobile phone bills

It has been revealed that the government has spent more than five million dollars on cellular phones charges in eleven Ministries between July 2013 to June this year for Cabinet Ministers and their juniors.
In records obtained through the Access to Information legislation, it was discovered that some Ministers have been racking up phone bills, some with six figure balances... with the taxpayer footing the bills.
Foreign Affairs State Minister Arnaldo Brown's bill for the year was the highest.
The Junior Minister, who roams on his foreign trips, had a $1.09m cell phone bill for the twelve months.
For June this year alone, Mr. Brown's cell phone was 410-thousand dollars.  
He recorded $150,000 in October last year and 170-thousand dollars in December.
His senior minister AJ Nicholson calls cost $230,000 for the year.... about a quarter of his junior's cell phone bill.
The next highest bill was that of  Energy Minister Phillip over 930-thousand dollars.
He has two cell phones.
For one month, Mr. Paulwell's Digicel phone bill was $116,000.
His junior minister Julian Robinson cell phone bill for the year was $76,000.
Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson and Environment Minister Robert Pickersgill inched close to $800,000 in talk time.
Dr. Ferguson with this two cell phones totalled  $749,000 for the year.
Mr. Pickersgill charge was $791,000...except his ministry submitted only 11 bills.  
In June this year, Mr. Pickersgill's cell phone bill was $142,000.
The same ministry spent  $110,000 on junior minister Ian Hayles account for the entire year.
But from January to May this year, that account was in credit to the tune of $48,000 dollars because the ministry had apparently overpaid the bill.     The ministry says it had overpaid in January...though it is said by $18,000.
    With two phones, Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeil's cell phone bill for the was almost half a million dollars... but again only 11 bills.
   In one month talk charges were $153,000.
   His junior minister Damion Crawford's cell phone will was $364,000.
In February, his bill was $180,000.
Local Government Minister Noel Arscott's bill was $289,000 and junior Colin Fagan's $200,000 for ten months.
Transport, Works and Housing and its two cabinet ministers and one state minister combined for over $400,000 bill.
Richard Azan's cell phone bill was $53,000 for entire year.
Youth Minister Lisa Hanna's bill was low relatively compared with the others...$45,000.
Mark Golding, the Justice Minister, does not have a government mobile phone assigned to him.
Of the records we received, National Security Minister Peter Bunting $32,000 bill was the lowest.
Of note too is that his monthly bill cell phone bill remained at also $2,700.
The ministries of Finance, Education and Labour and Social Security have not responded.
The Agriculture, Investment, Industry and Commerce ministries have promised to provided their bills shortly.

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