INDECOM makes recommendations for police to improve crime fighting

Terrence Williams
Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Terrence Williams has presented recommendations on how to improve the efforts of the police in tackling crime.
Mr. Williams gave the suggestions during an interview with RJR News as INDECOM continues to be criticised about its investigation of members of the police force.
There were multiple killings across the island last weekend, and in the last 24 hours, gunmen have killed at least six people and injured three others in Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Thomas, St. Catherine and St. James.
Mr. Williams says, like all Jamaicans, he too is concerned about the crime situation. 
However, he insists that his job is not to hinder crime fighting.
He made three recommendations that he believes will help the police to be more effective.
First, he said the more technology, such as CCTVs should be used in public spaces to garner information. 
He said good quality CCTV coverage will help ensure that justice is served.
In addition, he said the force is lumbering along because of unaccountability at the local level. 
He suggested that instead of having a national Police Service Commission, the government should implement parish police authorities where citizens can hold the police superintendent for their area responsible for targets, and support the police because they will now feel a part of policing in their area.  
Mr. Williams noted that this approach is used in the United Kingdom.
His third recommendation to improve the effectiveness of the force to fight crime relates to discipline.
Mr. Williams said that the force needs to "clean house".
"Don't be concerned that you need to have 10,000 police, because if you have 10,000 police and 2,000 pulling against you, the other 8,000 have a serious job. Better you have 5,000 who are all pulling in the same direction," he asserted. 

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