Jamaica working with international partners to track gun smugglers - DBP Bailey


Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, who is in charge of the crime portfolio, has declared that the police remain resolute in apprehending those responsible for sending illegal guns to Jamaica.

His comment follows the seizure of 59 firearms on Friday at the wharf in Montego Bay, St James.

The weapons include five high-powered rifles and 54 handguns. The authorities also seized 101 rounds of ammunition.

DCP Bailey told Radio Jamaica News that the investigation of the recent shipments of illegal guns is continuing, "and we believe that at the end of the day we will successfully prosecute those who are behind sending these illegal weapons."

These, he said, were "weapons of destruction... and when you consider (that) within the past two or three weeks we have seized in excess of 85 firearms..."

He said the Jamaican police are working with international partners to apprehend those behind the shipments.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness recently appealed to the security authorities in the United States to do more to support Jamaica in its bid to stem the flow of illegal guns from that country.





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