Jamaican woman gets 15 years in prison for trying to kill man she married for US citizenship

A Jamaican woman was sentenced on Thursday to 15 years in prison for trying to kill the 74-year-old American man she married in a ploy to get US citizenship.
Olivia Raimo, 30, a resident of Westchester County in New York, admitted that she pushed her husband and wedged him between his toilet and the wall on January 24, 2020 then slit his wrists with a straight razor.
Raimo then barred the door to the man's apartment when his home health care aide heard his screams and tried to go to his aid.
The aide called police, who rushed the man to a hospital, where he underwent two operations, but lost function in his hand.
The prosecutor said the attack came after Raimo and the man met with a lawyer who told them that they would have a hard time convincing federal immigration officials that their scam marriage was legitimate.
The District Attorney's office said the couple married in 2017 in a bid to have Raimo become a US citizen.
She pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the case in November. 

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