Jamaica's visa requirements to UK could be lifted

New proposals by Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May could see Jamaica’s visa requirements to the UK lifted.  
Prime Minister May has announced a visa-free policy for Commonwealth countries.  
With the UK preparing to leave the European Union, the British prime minister could be looking to the Commonwealth countries to gain some of the economic support to be lost from Brexit.       
She has announced a visa-free policy for Commonwealth countries, with the exception of five nations. Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana will continue to have a visa requirement for entry to the UK.
When RJR News contacted the UK Home Office, a spokesperson explained that the Prime Minister’s announcement is still at the proposal stage and is still taking shape. 
He said that Jamaicans will need to continue to apply for a UK visa until the details are finalised.
Visa restrictions were placed on Jamaicans in 2003 in the UK’s attempt to clampdown on drug-trafficking via Jamaica. But this requirement could be lifted under the new proposal.  
Under the new policy, holders of passports of approved countries can travel to the United Kingdom without visa for up to a period of six months. However, travelers are required to sit for an online exam known as the Commonwealth Knowledge Test. 
Applicants aged 18 to 30 are eligible to apply for a Tier 5, or Youth Mobility visa. It allows them to live and work in the UK for a 24 month period but they are required to have a savings of almost £2,000. Visa fees have also been waived for the Youth Mobility Scheme.                 
Persons who abuse the opportunity by overstaying in the UK would be sanctioned with a 2 year travel ban.  

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