Justice Minister recommends Integrity Commission send regular reports to Parliament on ongoing investigations

Delroy Chuck
Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has recommended that the Commissioners of the Integrity Commission send monthly or quarterly reports to Parliament containing updates on their investigations.
Mr. Chuck said this would address the concern of the commissioners who have called for changes to the Integrity Commission Act as they feel trapped by the provision which prevents them from commenting on any aspect of an investigation while it is underway.
The Justice Minister said he does not agree that the Act needs to be amended to facilitate that.
Speaking on Power 106 Morning Agenda Wednesday morning, Mr. Chuck said legislation does not bar the Integrity Commission from "being more open with with work they are doing" as they can do so by sending regular reports to Parliament. 
Mr. Chuck said he prefers this route rather than a news release indicating an investigation is underway. He believes once a news release is sent out, it gives the impression that "something is going wrong."   
Oversight committee                                 
The Justice Minister is in agreement with the Leader of the Opposition's motion in the House of Representatives on Tuesday for a parliamentary oversight committee to be immediately set up to monitor the Integrity Commission.
Additionally, Mr. Chuck said in hindsight, it should have been a requirement for all commissions of parliament to submit monthly or quarterly reports for review so that "they can report regularly and answer questions about what they are examining."

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