Pembroke Hall High investigating incident in which teacher threatens student with violence

A portion of a video clip with a incensed teacher lashing out against a student at Pembroke Hall High on Thursday; Reverend Claude Ellis, Principal of Pembroke Hall High
The administration of Pembroke Hall High School in St. Andrew is conducting an investigation into a video which shows a teacher at the institution threatening a student with violence.
Reverend Claude Ellis, Principal of Pembroke Hall High, confirmed on RJR's Hotline on Friday, that the incident occurred at the school on Thursday.
The 2:20 minutes cell phone video begins with the teacher seated at her desk in the middle of a lesson.
She is interrupted by a student, who hands her a piece of paper.
While she is speaking to the student, a boy says another student is telling lies on him. 
The irate teacher, responding to the boy, says: "Weh yah shout offa me fah? Mi look like yuh mumma?" 
When the student takes offence to the teacher's reference to his mother, she continues to deride him, then says: "Me will kill yuh in yah, yuh hear? My head nuh nice." 
She then proceeds to chase the student from the class. 
Principal Ellis said he has received written reports from the teacher and the student at whom she had directed her anger.
Reverend Ellis said the school, with the help of the education officer, will follow the necessary guidelines to address the issue. 
He said a meeting has also been held with the parent of the student.

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