Petrojam: Irregularities cited in hiring of Rev Dorothy Grant as counsellor

The Integrity Commission's Director of Investigation has concluded that the circumstances under which Reverend Dorothy Grant was hired as a counsellor at Petrojam was tainted with irregularities and improprieties. 
The Integrity Commission report shed light on the circumstances which led to Reverend Grant providing chaplaincy services at the oil refinery.
The Director of Investigation said the rationale for which Petrojam's then Human Resource Manager Yolande Ramharrack recommended the services of  Reverend Grant and which was approved by Petrojam's then General Manager Floyd Grindley, is unfounded. 
The report says notwithstanding the description provided by an invoice purported to be submitted on behalf of Reverend Grant, which describes her services as a "chaplain", subsequent documents such as a purchase order of  Petrojam as well as Reverend Grant's employment contract, indicate that she provided counselling services and was awarded a consultancy agreement.
The Director of Investigation says the need for such services did not arise as Family Life Ministries was already contracted by Petrojam to provide the same services.
The Director added that representation of the duration of Reverend Grant's tenure is inconsistent. 
Based on an invoice and purchase order gleaned by the Director of  Investigation, the tenure of Reverend Grant's employment was for the period April 12, 2017 to December 31, 2017, at a rate of $3,000 per hour, amounting to $1.296 million for the period.
This is in stark contrast with the terms of her contract dated April 10, 2018, which detailed a consultancy agreement as Counsellor at Petrojam for the period of one year commencing December 14, 2017 to December 13, 2018 at a rate of $4,000.00 per hour.
More questions were raised about Reverend Grant's association with Petrojam.
An internal memorandum dated August 23, 2018, which was addressed to Petrojam General Manager Winston Watson, revealed that she was hired without the knowledge of the Management Committee. 
It said, "as was stated during a meeting of Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, Ms. Ramharrack said it was her initiative to fill a need as the staff at Petrojam was depressed and the organization was going through changes."
The memo stated that Reverend Grant is a chaplin and is not licensed to provide professional counselling services.
It added that a purchase order was generated for the sum of $1.296 million but was never used and direct contracting was employed.

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