Police raid Shoemaker Gully, again

SSP Fitz Bailey and Julian Robinson

The St. Andrew Central Police this morning conducted a major operation in the Shoemaker Gully in New Kingston (Jamaica's premier business district) which serves as a haven for several homeless men.

Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey, Head of  the Police Division, told RJR news that the operation targeted suspects linked to major crimes, including murders committed in and around New Kingston. Several persons were detained by the police during the operation.

He said 40 to 60 individuals had sought refuge in the gully, and that New Kingston residents were fed up with the situation.

"They have been wreaking havoc on the business district, in terms of their involvement in criminal activities, from robbery, larceny, burglary, and even two murders. The citizens and business people have really been intimidated and they have exhibited a level of frustration," he explained.

He said a multi-agency approach will continue to be used, as the police are determined to drive criminals out of  New Kingston.

Julian Robinson, MP for South East St. Andrew, which includes New Kingston, described the situation concerning the homeless men as untenable, with "almost daily reports of incidents of thefts, of break-ins, of persons being harrassed, who walk along the road."

He expressed the hope that Tuesday's actions would mark a new point of resolve to put an end to the actions of the men.



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