Questions raised whether Integrity Commission members submitting statutory declarations

Everald Warmington and Marlene Malahoo Forte, members of Parliament's Integrity Commission Oversight Committee
Questions have been raised regarding whether the Integrity Commission, to which public officials must give an annual account of their earnings, assets and liabilities, has been accepting such declarations from its own members.
The issue was raised Tuesday at the first sitting of the Integrity Commission Oversight Committee, which focused mainly on housekeeping matters.
Committee member Everald Warmington suggested a mechanism be set up to accept declarations from staff and members of the commission. 
"Where the Integrity Commission is concerned, to whom do they make their annual report or declarations? Everyone who earns must make a declaration, of course. Therefore, they can't declare to themselves. Therefore, a mechanism has to be established that the directors and the employees and all within that (organisation) make declarations as required by law," he put forward. 
That suggestion led to questions regarding who from the Integrity Commission is required to make declarations.
Attorney General and member of the committee, Marlene Malahoo Forte, suggested that the questions could be put to the commission when members appear before the committee. 
"So the questions is, in respect of commissioners and members of the commission who are liable to make statutory declarations, how are those dealt with by the commission and whether there are any issues of conflict, perceived or real, and hear their own suggestion as to what could and should be in place, whether amendments are required," she reasoned. 

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