Redberry residents frustrated with dust, other nuisances from work on south coast highway

Annie Francis, a resident of Redberry in Porus, Manchester
Residents of Redberry in Porus, Manchester, are concerned about a number of environmental issues associated with the ongoing construction of the Southern Coastal highway through their community.
This leg of the highway is from May Pen, Clarendon, to Williamsfield, Manchester.
The residents told Radio Jamaica News that the vibration from the heavy duty equipment, has caused cracks in sections of their houses.
They also complain that the noise, which is often seven days per week, is unbearable for the sick and elderly, and for children engaged in online classes.
Annie Francis said the dust has been washing from roofs into their water tanks.
Ms Francis said residents have been appealing for clean drinking water and monetary compensation from representatives of the National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC), which is overseeing this segment of the project. 
"If you look into the drum right now, it full of pure dirt. The window dirty, you can mark your name on the window. When you go in the house, you can write your name on the furniture them and we cannot get no recompense. So if we can't get no recompense, we gonna stop the work again," she warned. 
The residents say while they welcome the highway, a way must be found to reduce the noise and mitigate the dust and other nuisances associated with the project.

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