Review of policy surrounding children born in prison

  The Department of Correctional Services is to carryout a review of the policy regarding the care of children whose parents are incarcerated.  

The Department has been receiving some criticism since it was discovered that a 9-month old boy who was allegedly sodomized and later died, was taken from his mother who is serving time.

The infant was reportedly released to a guardian.

Commissioner of Corrections, Major Richard Reece, says the Department is awaiting a report on the circumstances surrounding the child's death.

Major Reece says when the information is received a decision will be made whether changes should be made to the policy. 

"We haven't got all the information about this case except for what was reported in the media but we will continue to review the procedures however, if there is no elected guardian then the child would be placed in the care of the state, so those are the two options," he said.

The Prison Chief explained the current policy under which the child of an inmate is released to a guardian.

"The current policy is one where we are advised by the inmates of the one they chose to be the guardian, our probation aftercare officers then go out and inspect the premises, the amenities, interview the proposed guardian ... once everything is in order, the child is released," said Major Reese.

According to him, there are currently two pregnant inmates at the Fort Augusta Prison.

Major Reece added that if there are no suitable guardians available, the children will be placed into the custody of the state.



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