Meadowbrook reacts to report that it denied student confined to wheel chair

Meadowbrook High School is denying that it refused to register a student because he was confined to a wheel chair.
In a release yesterday, Medowbrook High said it has a record of  working with students with visual and hearing challenges. 
It said it told the mother of  Alex Stewart that the school has never had a child who uses a wheelchair and it has no wheelchair access to its classrooms.
It further noted that its Grade 7 classrooms are on the second and third floors. Principal, Michael Peart, said he told the child's mother he would have to speak with the Education Ministry to determine how to proceed. He said the Ministry had started to take action by the time the matter was reported in the media.
Mr. Peart suggested that to prevent such occurrences in the future, schools should provide the Ministry with information on students with physical chaIlenges. He said this information should be used to place children in properly equipped schools.
The student has now been placed at Jamaica College.


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