PM: Examples of National Heroes remain "as relevant as ever"


Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in his National Heroes Day address, urged Jamaicans to "reflect on the brave and selfless sacrifice of our heroes, who changed the course of history, liberated our people, founded our nation, and made our lives personally better.

These recognized heroes, “through their sacrifice and struggle,” he said, represent “extraordinary models and lessons in resolve, strength of character, grit, determination, selflessness, grace and dignity.”

But he said their relevance was not confined to the past, he said, asserting that the examples they set remain as relevant as ever to today’s Jamaicans.

“AS the struggle continues today, we must fight against those figurative shackles in our society, representing the mindset and mentality which hold us captive and prevent us from realizing our full potential as a people and as a nation.”

The Prime Minister closed with an appeal to the best instincts in each Jamaican:

“Let us agree to interact courteously and warmly with each other in our families, relationships and communities. Let us agree to look out for our families, friends and neighbours. Let us agree that together we will build a Jamaica of which we can be truly proud; a Jamaica that honours the sacrifice of our forebears and is an example to the region and to the world.”


Please click on the audio icon above to listen to the Prime Minister's message.

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