"Mad Out" deejay, Valiant, talks mental health with Bellevue Hospital

Dancehall star Valiant, as well as members of his Diplomats team, was the special guest of the CEO of the Bellevue Hospital, Suzette Buchanan, on Thursday, where he toured the facility, shared the thinking behind his number one trending song, Mad Out, and gave his views on mental illness.

Accompanied by a graphic video that shows Valiant acting wild, the song's 3.9 million views since its release three weeks ago have impacted Bellevue, which has seen a considerable uptick in its own social media interactions. 

According to the Weekend Star, Ms Buchanan commended Valiant for shining a light on mental illness. She also confessed that not only was she a fan of the artiste, she initially found the video insensitive. But after reading the disclaimer at the end of the video and later experiencing firsthand other people's reactions to Mad Out, she changed her tune.

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