Kingston Wharves plans $100m in investments over five years

Mark Williams, CEO of KWL
Kingston Wharves says it has $100 million in investments planned for the next five years.
CEO of KWL Mark Williams says the company has additional berth expansions in the pipeline. 
"Based on the importance and continued growth of our car business, we needed to look at constructing a multi-level car park. We'll be doing that. Hopefully, we'll be breaking ground sometime this year to do that multi-level car park. We move in excess of 470,000 cars, as I said, to Australia, New Zealand. We spoke about the development of Berth 7. We want to move again for the development of Berth 6 within the next five years," he said.
The company is also looking to expand by establishing a warehouse and logistics facility in western Jamaica, Mr. Williams revealed.
"What we're looking for is to replicate what we have in Kingston. So your facility that will facilitate less than container load, full container load, your personal effects, but also offer opportunities for a 3PL type of service - third party logistics. So we pick, we park. So you will break down cargo with 100 pieces; you might add labels to them; you might finish them in some ways or form; you hold inventory; you manage inventory, et cetera," he explained. 
Mr. Williams was speaking at the company's Annual General Meeting this week.

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