Local businesses urged to utilise AI to boost productivity

Principal Engineer at Google Monica Lenart as well as X EyeƩ, a former employee at Google AI and founder of AI consultancy firm Malo Fanto
By Javaughn Keyes
Tech experts say local businesses should utilise artificial intelligence tools to boost productivity.
Speaking at the Tech Beach Retreat in Montego Bay on Friday, Principal Engineer at Google Monica Lenart said there are a number of tools businesses could use, which could lead them to focus on higher order tasks. 
"Like co-pilot, make yourself effective when you're writing your docs. Make yourself effective when you're creating your slides for presentation. Use GenAI to get started. Don't use that as an ending point. The second thing in businesses, a lot of you have data, analytics of data, you have forecasting tools, you have predictive tools already available to you in cloud - make use of that; that can help optimise your time to focus on the value add that you bring," she outlined. 
Meanwhile, X Eyeé, a former employee at Google AI and founder of AI consultancy firm Malo Fanto, said marketing is another area in which businesses can use AI. 
"I think the first way I think about is helping me generate the content and it's not necessarily like writing my sales pitches for me but the areas where I know I'm weak, how can I use this to aid me. If you do have a business that requires some type of digital advertising, thinking about using the AI tools built into those platforms - so whether you're using Instagram, TikTok or like Google advertising - they all now have built-in AI features to help optimise your campaigns to work better," she revealed. 
Ms Eyeé said there are also tools that can do sentiment analyses, which could help businesses gauge how people feel about their products and services.

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