US$5 million increase in net profit for TransJamaican Highway's 2nd quarter

TransJamaican Highway, which operates Highway 2000 East-West, realised a US$5 million increase in net profit at the end of its second quarter.
After meeting tax obligations, the company made US$6 million, compared to US$1.4 million last year.
The quarter's outturn brought TransJamaican's mid-year earnings to US$11 million.
The company says the quarter's performance reflects continued growth in usage of the toll.
Looking at revenues, TransJamaican Highway made US$18.2 million for the three months.
This reflects an 18 per cent improvement over the US$15.4 million income at Q2 last year.
For the six months to June this year, the toll operators made US$36.2 million.

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