Agriculture sector suffers estimated $1b hit from Hurricane Beryl

Floyd Green
By Kimone Witter
Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Floyd Green says the loss from Hurricane Beryl is estimated at more than $1 billion, with the figure expected to increase as assessment of the damage continues.
Mr. Green says almost all major crop lines were significantly affected by floodwaters and strong winds.
There was also loss of livestock and damage to infrastructure.
For the fisheries sector, about 15 per cent of fishing vessels were damaged, along with some sheds and loss of fish pots.
Mr. Green says the country will hear more on the loss to the sectors and government support during his presentation in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.
"Already, we estimate that the damage will cost a billion dollars to the agricultural sector. I hope to outline a programme of support to tomorrow in Parliament. I know we have to start now. The good news is that we have kinda institutionalised the disaster recovery and disaster management," he noted. 
The Agriculture Minister said he hopes the programme of support for farmers and fishers will begin this week.
He said additional funds outside of the Agriculture Ministry will have to be sought, as the cost of the damage has exhausted the ministry's Production Incentive Programme.
Mr. Green was a guest today on TVJ's Smile Jamaica programme.

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