Biden's candidacy faces new peril as more key Democrats weigh in

US President Joe Biden’s imperiled re-election campaign hit new trouble on Wednesday as House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi said it is up to the president to decide if he should stay in the race.
Celebrity donor George Clooney said he should not run and Democratic senators and lawmakers expressed fresh fear about his ability to beat Republican Donald Trump.
The sudden grave pronouncements despite Biden’s determined insistence he is not leaving the 2024 race, put on public display just how unsettled the question remains among prominent Democrats.
On Capitol Hill, an eighth House Democrat, Pat Ryan of New York, publicly asked Biden to step aside.
Mr. Biden is hosting world leaders in Washington for the NATO summit this week with a crowded schedule of formal meetings, sideline chats and long diplomatic dinners.
He faces his next public test on Thursday when he is scheduled to hold a news conference that many are watching for signs of his abilities.

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