Cousins calls for farmers to get more protection against adverse weather

Lothan Cousins
By Halshane Burke   
Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture Lothan Cousins has called for more to be done to protect farmers from the effects of adverse weather conditions.
Mr. Cousins said there are provisions in law, apart from insurance, that can help farmers recoup losses incurred during natural disasters. 
"Section 36B of the Income Tax Act provides, notwithstanding the provisions of subsection 2, a person who operates an approved farming enterprise may set off any loss incurred in connection with a prescribed agricultural activity against profits or gains arising from any other trade, business, profession and employment. That is the incentive that we provided from day one for persons who are professionals to get involved in farming," he asserted.  
Mr. Cousins has also called for farmers to be educated on the provisions of the crop insurance scheme.
Agriculture Minister Floyd Green on Tuesday told the Parliament that 27 farmers who suffered losses from recent flood rains are to benefit from payouts under the crop insurance scheme.
The scheme is administered by GK Insurance.

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