Electoral authorities confident of smooth conduct of Local Government Election

The electoral authorities are asserting that all's in place for the smooth conduct of the local government election on Monday.
The polls will open at seven o'clock and more than two million electors are eligible to vote in what is expected to be a close contest between the two main political parties.
This expectation is based on the latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson Polls, which has the Jamaica Labour Party, with 24 per cent support, just one point ahead of the People's National Party with 23 per cent. 
Among the other respondents, 26 per cent said the will not be voting, while another 26 per cent said they were unsure if they will be doing so.
Only one per cent say they would vote for an independent candidate.
The Electoral Office of Jamaica has confirmed that 6,726 polling stations will be open across the island.
Director of Elections Glasspole Brown told Radio Jamaica News that he's hoping for a higher turnout in this election than for the last local government election held eight years ago, and even the 42 per cent  recorded in Thursday's special services voting.
The Electoral Commission of Jamaica has also confirmed that arrangements are in place to facilitate some members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who were unable to cast their ballots last Thursday, which was designated Special Services Voting Day for the police, military and election day workers.
It emerged during the day that some police personnel had been unable to vote.
The EOJ said this was due to a delay in the delivery of their ballots to the National Police College.
The Electoral Commission said 33 JCF members were affected.

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