Former Police Federation Chairman claims victimisation

Corporal Rohan James, former Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, is claiming that he has been victimised in the move by the Central Executive Committee to replace him as head of the organization.
It was announced on March 19 that Inspector Blanche Codner had been appointed the new chairman of the Police Federation.
A new General Secretary was also selected.
But, in a letter addressed to rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force on Monday, Corporal James said he felt it imperative to break his silence on the recent developments.
He says his leadership of the Police Federation was never used for personal gains.
Corporal James has accused the current Central Executive Committee of betraying and sacrificing him as a result of his uncompromising stance regarding the well-being of the rank and file membership.
He is claiming that there was collusion with the Police High Command to have him replaced at the Central Committee, even as his case against the High Command progresses through the court.
Corporal James contends that the decision to replace him came about because of the contempt proceedings that he filed in the Supreme Court on January 17, this year in relation to the failure of the authorized persons to implement orders of the court for an overtime system.
He has reisterated that the matter was placed before the court with the knowledge and consent of the full Central Executive Committee, arising from the numerous complaints from the general membership and evidence gathered. 
Corporal James is charging that the Central Executive Committee has placed this matter on hold to ensure that he is removed from the Committee, after which the case will be withdrawn from the court. 
He has taken issue with the action of the Committee and has pledged to take all appropriate steps to safeguard the process and file appropriate actions, where necessary.  
Corporal James remains off the job as he awaits the outcome of the appeal of the stay of interdiction that was granted to him by Supreme Court Judge Tara Carr.
He was interdicted last year after he criticised the Police High Command for failing to pay overtime money due to members of the force.

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