Interim injunction blocks gov't from removing Haitian asylum seekers

Malene Alleyne, human rights attorney and founder of Freedom Imaginaries
By Prince Moore    
An interim injunction is now in effect, preventing the government from removing the Haitians at Robin's Bay, St. Mary who are seeking asylum in Jamaica.
The interim order was granted Wednesday by the Supreme Court.
Human rights attorney and founder of Freedom Imaginaries, Malene Alleyne, says the injunction restrains the government from removing the claimants before a specified time.
"Our position is that asylum seekers should not be deprived of liberty, but to be deprived of liberty with the threat of being returned to a country in the throes of catastrophic violence is something that I would not wish on anyone," she lamented. 
The matter will be before the court again on June 6.
Ms. Alleyne says the order is an important first step in assisting the Haitians, fleeing their conflict-ridden country. 
"As you can imagine with asylum seekers, especially those who are deprived of liberty, it is an extremely traumatic and agonizing thing that they're going through.... And so for me, it's important to highlight the humanity and the dignity of the Haitian asylum seekers at Robin's Bay, those deprived of liberty. And so I see the decision as one step in that direction," asserted the attorney.

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